Elvira – an Italian escort in London

My name is Elvira and I am an Italian escort working in London. I arrived here in London about two years ago now, and only started to work as a London escort about 18 months ago. At first, I was in a state of shock as life here in London is really different from Italy. However, I slowly started to get used to it, and now I like living in London. The only thing is that many of the gents that I date as a London escort, complain about the temperature in my boudoir. You can easily say that I like it kind of hot…

Elvira – Italian London Escort

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I just love to date my fine English gents. It makes me upset that so many of them are very lonely and seem to have very few friends. It is just something about this very rushed lifestyle that you have in London. You seem to miss out on all of the good things in life such as love and good sex. Lots of the time you just talk about it, and I honestly don’t think that you spend enough time making love. This is why you see so many lonely gents in London.

Mind you, as a London escort, I do enjoy looking after my gents. All of the gents come to my London escort boudoir are really nice and like to treat me to different things. Looking at it. I think that most London escorts have a lot more fun than their Italian counterparts. Men in Italy take dating escorts so seriously. Here, working as a London escorts, I have noticed that men focus on having fun. I think that it is a much better way of dating, and I prefer working in London as an escorts. Would I go back to Italy? No, I don’t think so.

What about me?

I am 25 years old, have long black hair and rather long legs for an Italian girl. If you are in need of a bit of therapy, I am more than happy to wrap my long legs around you and let you talk about it. While we are having a chat, I will let my soft hands do the talking and I hope that my gentle touch will help you to relax. Coming to my boudoir is meant to be a sensual experience and one that you would like to experience time and time again.

But, if you don’t want to talk, I can think of many other fun things that we can do. As a London escort, I like to treat my gents to the best experience in their life and we can try some Italian tricks that I know. I have a few fun games that I like to play, and we can always try one of my special Grappas that I have on the shelf. Like any good London escort, I would like to make sure that you are comfortable and happy during your stay with me, so I will strive to make the experience as pleasurable as possible.

A date with your favorite Italian London escort

Italian london escorts
Italian london escorts

Now, I know that not all gents want to get too excited on their dates. You may have an important meeting to go to after your date, and you don’t want to get your suit all wrinkled, do you? In Italy when you date an escort, the custom is to ask the gent to take a shower and put on a bathrobe. As a London escort, I think that this is a very nice tradition and I will always make sure your robe is ready for you. All of my robes are nice and soft, and I will personally wrap you up in it.

Once you are safely tucked up in your robe, I will start off our time together by giving you a nice relaxing message. If, you are in the mood for something different. all you need to do is to tell me. I am a very broad minded London escort and we can do almost anything that your heart desires. Lots of English gents are a bit shy, but there is no need to be shy around your lovely Elvira. I would like to be your dream London escort tonight. How do you feel about that?

Will I see you again?

I don’t always see all of my gents again, and that sometimes upsets me a bit. My boss says that this is just life as a London escort, and that my dating diary is busier than a lot of other ones. I have to be honest and say that I do have some lovely regular dates and I adore to see them when ever they are able to come around to see their little Elvira. We have lots of fun together, and most of them seem to appreciate my Italian quirky little ways.

However, I still find it said when a gent leaves and goes to where ever he needs to go. You see, I often wonder where my dates go after they leave my London escort boudoir. Do they go back to their home, or do they not have anybody to go home to? It is hard to tell, as you English people don’t really talk about yourself a lot. Sometimes, I get little unique insights into the life of some of my gents, and that is nice. I like to get to know my dates a bit better.

I love working here in London now, and I find London a really exciting city to live in. It is full of noise and pollution, but there are some positive sides to living in London as well. My job as a London escort, pays rather well and I like to go shopping. Where I live in London, Islington, it is easy to get to places, and I quite often go shopping on my own. My dream would be to meet a nice English gent who would like to marry me, and I would love to be his little play mate for the rest of my life. I wonder if such a gent is out there somewhere? I keep on wondering and I keep on hoping, maybe I will be lucky one day and this fine gent will walk through my door.